Author : Gojjluck (@UZakiahH)

Genre : Romance, Fluff~

Casts : Cho Kyuhyun, Goo Inhyun, Choi Siwon.

Rating : T

A/N : Whoaaa, ada yang merindukan Author? *krik…krik* I have a new story for you all, hahaha! Because I was too busy to worked my chapter’s FF, so I used my free time to made oneshoot~ Don’t bully me! I’m just so…so…so…busy with my obligation in real life. You know–about school’s task, the hell exams and fuck’n oral tests -_______-. Ergggh~ My teachers is going to kill me slow by slow T_T

Kyuhyun are sooooooooo sexy in here. He was so care to her girl, Inhyun. It’s strange because I’ve got jealous with my characters -____- hello, it’s fiction, fiction, fiction. 

Okay, I won’t talk to much. So, happy reading all~


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